November, 2021 Festival Update

The Cannes Lions announced their plan to hold a live, in-person event in Cannes next June 20-24th 2022. It will still have a hybrid component to continue the digital initiatives that were launched over the past 18 months. The initial stages of judging will take place remotely with the use of their unique judging technology, but the jurors will be back in Cannes to complete the final stages and award the Lions.

Cannes Lions will open for entries on January 20th, 2022 and delegate registration on January 13th, 2022. Information on the Lions and categories are available at: www.canneslions.com

New Competition Added: B2B

The Creative B2B Lions will honor innovative, effective work created for businesses looking to attract other businesses rather than consumer customers.

Refresh of eCommerce & Media Competitions:

The name shift from Creative eCommerce Lion to Creative Commerce Lion aims to reflect the far wider scope of platforms and tactics that have grown beyond a retail niche.

Susie Walker, VP Awards & Insight, explains: “We’ve added an explicit reference to media in the description of the overall Lion to make it clear that we are rewarding creative media ideas and changes like altering the weighting structure that we give to the jury so that the majority of the weighting sits across the media craft areas.” She adds, “as well as updates throughout the categories to reinforce the really clear focus of celebrating media ideas and creativity.”

New Organization of Category Tracks for 2022:

Please note this new alignment of the 29 competitions into appropriate award groups:


NCM, America’s largest cinema advertising network is honored to serve as the official U.S. Representative to the Cannes LIONS International Festival of Creativity. As a leader in today’s evolving video media landscape, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with the U.S. creative, media, marketing communities to help bring their work to the global stage of the Lions Festivals. The LIONS awards are internationally recognized as the most prestigious in advertising and communications; celebrating creativity across all areas of these businesses.

For any inquiries, please contact Susan Lilley or Amy Tunick