Lions School

The Cannes Lions School is the umbrella name for the Festival’s competitions, mentoring opportunities, diplomas and executive learning programs.



These help develop rising stars into the next generation of leaders. Concentrated creative learning for high-potential talent aged under 30, these five day courses are crammed with insights from industry experts, delivered via a blend of classroom sessions, practicals and curated Cannes Lions talks.

The below Academies cost €2,295 & includes a Full Week Registration:


€2,295 - Account Leadership

– Equipping future leaders with the tools they need to lead ground breaking creativity for their clients; it champions and teaches the art of account management.


 €2,295 - Marketers

– Addressing the importance of creativity and providing a bigger picture of the marketers role. The diploma is for young professionals working at client marketer companies.


 €2,295 - Media

– Designed for young media professionals, intensive learning will provide a deeper understanding of the media landscape and how to drive media solutions to greatly increase advertisers’ connection with their audiences.


The Creative Academy cost €1,995 & includes a Full Week Registration:


 €1,995 - Creative

– For the next generation of creative stars, combining workshops, master classes and a carefully curated timetable of Festival highlights.



Leadership training caters to the development needs of senior managers, delivering what companies are increasingly demanding - creative direction that drives corporate performance and competitive advantage. There are three courses available:


Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

– Helping creative executives to lead their teams, agencies and companies more successfully. The program is two weeks of intensive training organized by Cannes Lions and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (€8,890)


CMO Accelerator

– Created for CMO’s and senior marketing directors, a carefully curated program helps the select group focus on key issues they and their brands are facing. (€3,995)


Masters of Creativity

– A five-day professional qualification to help people with about seven years’ experience of working in the creative communications industry make the transition into senior management. (€3,495)


Roger Hatchuel Academy

The School has been designed to harness the unique Festival atmosphere, blending it with additional content that’s just for students, addressing specific business needs, industry challenges and opportunities. It is open to 35 students from advertising, communications and creative disciplines.

Benefits of attending

  • Empower others to use creativity to drive business innovation and growth
  • Learn to make better, braver creative decisions
  • Development of collaboration and leadership skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Increased personal confidence
  • Graduate with a personal action plan to implement learnings
  • Exude a greater confidence with clients
  • Bring a fresh perspective to your work and career
  • Graduate with a Diploma, only available upon completion of The Cannes Lions School
  • Become your company’s champion of creativity


Recent graduates’ accolades:

“It is single-handedly the most important and invaluable week of my life” AE, TBWA\Paris

“I feel like I have accumulated more than five years of experience in these five days. Extremely empowering and inspiring.” AE, Ogilvy

“I now know I have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to show the world and really make a difference.” Planner, Mediacom, Philippines


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